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EZ King Cobra Price Lists

EZ King Cobra 2005 Price List

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Complete Kits

Realistic Build Time 350 to 450 Hrs.
Complete Kits Include: "Everything" From "Nose to Tail" Including Engine, Propeller, Tundra Tires, Brakes, Basic Instruments, etc. "Everything but the final coat of paint" Refer to STANDARD KITS LIST For Details...
EZ King Cobra (Rotax 503 52 HP):
Wing Kit, Fuselage Kit, Covering Kit, Rotax 503 Powerplant & Rotax 503 Installation Kit.

EZ King Cobra (Rotax 582 65 HP):
Wing Kit, Fuselage Kit, Covering Kit, Rotax 582 Powerplant & Rotax 582 Installation Kit

EZ King Cobra (Rotax 912 80 HP):
Wing Kit, Fuselage Kit, Covering Kit, Rotax 912 Powerplant & Rotax 912 Installation Kit


Basic Kit

Firewall Back:
(Powerplant & Powerplant Installation Kit NOT included) Wing Kit, Fuselage Kit & Covering Kit


Component Kits

Wing Kit:
Includes (2) factory-built main spar D-Cells, pre-formed trailing edges & rib caps, (2) drag spars (with fittings), (2) wing struts, aileron components, rib core & gusset materials, etc.

Fuselage Kit:
Includes (1) fully-welded 4130 chromoly-steel fuselage (coated with top-quality epoxy paint), empennage,
control cables, landing gear, tundra tires/hegar wheels/hydraulic brakes, hardware, seat nose wheel, etc.

Covering Kit:
Includes polyester aircraft fabric, glues, trim tapes, PolyBrush, seat cushions, seat belts

Rotax 503 Installation Kit:
(Powerplant not Included) Engine mount & engine mounting hardware, Fuel system (lines, fittings, filter, primer), oil tank (with oil line & filter), switches & wiring, airspeed indicator, tachometer, wooden propeller, electric starter, Fiberglass Cowl, etc.

Rotax 582 Installation Kit:
(Powerplant not Included) Rotax 503 Listing plus: Cooling system (radiator, lines & fittings, etc.) & water temp., Fiberglass Cowl, etc.

Rotax 912 Installation Kit:
(Powerplant not Included) Rotax 503 Listing plus: Cooling system (radiator, lines & fittings, etc.), 912 Rotax Muffler & Exhaust System welded to fit, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp., Water Temp. (2), Oil Cooler, Lines, Fittings, composite ground adjustable 2 blade propeller, Fiberglass Cowl, etc.



Rotax 503 52 HP:
(2 Stroke Air Cooled Engine) Dual CDI ignition, "B" drive gearbox, oil injection, muffler, dual carburetors, fuel pump, oil injection, recoil starter, etc.

Rotax 582 65 HP:
(2 Stroke Engine) Dual CDI ignition, "B" drive gearbox, oil injection, muffler, dual carburetors, fuel pump, recoil starter, etc.

Rotax 912 80 HP:
(4 Stroke Engine) Engine complete with Dual ignition, oil reservoir, electric starter, Gear Box, etc.


Engine Options (Gearbox/Electric Starter)

Rotax 503/582 "C" Box: (With Electric Starter) "C" gearbox with Heavy-duty, vibration dampening.

Add $565
Rotax 503/582 E-Box: (Built-in Electric Starter)
Electric Starter for "B" or "C" gearbox.

Add $945


Three Blade Composite Propeller:
Upgrade (Powerfin or IVO)

Shoulder Harnesses:
Pair of Y-style shoulder harnesses.

Wing Tanks (24 - US Gallons):
(2) aluminum tanks, with electric gauges, lines, fittings & brass shutoff valves.

Elevator Trim:
In-flight adjustable elevator trim package.

Matco Wheels:
Upgrade (vs. standard Hegar Rims)

Hegar HD Brake:

Wooden Plywood Crate:


EZ King Cobra Standard Kits

(These listings are standard in all EZ Flyer kits, use the following for accurate comparison)

Wing Kit:

Two Factory-built main spar D-Cell assemblies, with built-in wing strut & fuselage pickups.

Pre-formed wing & aileron trailing edge material.

Pre-formed aileron ribs.

Pre-formed wing rib caps.

Two Drag spars, complete with fittings.

Two Wing struts, with machined fittings.

Rib core & Gusset materials.

Rugged 0.080" Aluminum aileron attachments. (not wood!) leading Edge center section rib, trailing edge, etc.

Fuselage Kit:

Fully welded, aircraft grade 4130 Chromoly-steel Fuselage (3/4" X 5/8" tubing used where most airframes use 1/2" X 3/8")

All steel items primed with top quality Epoxy Primer(durable yet easy-to-repair)

Empennage (tail) surfaces ready-to-cover. (complete with hinges & control horns installed)

Control Cables, Nico-press fittings, and ready-to-install, cable fairleads included.

Wide-stance, heavy-duty, spring steel Landing Gear. (ready to attach)

Large 18" Hegar wheels & hydraulic brakes, with single actuator, lines & fittings.

Large 18" nose wheel for positive steering & ground stability.

Polycarbonate Easy-mount Windshield.

Fiberglass front seat & rear seat with fuel tank. (9 - US Gallons)

Nose bowl & windshield hoops.

Dual controls.

Covering Kit:
(Paint not Included.)

2.7 ounce (mid weight) polyester aircraft fabric.

(2) quarts PolyTak fabric glue.

(3) gallons PolyBrush.

(1) gallon PolyFiber Reducer.

Finishing Trim Tapes.

Fabric Rivets & Reinforcing Tape.

Seat Cushions.

Seat Belts.

Engine Installation Kit:

Fully welded & epoxy-primed engine mount.

Lord mounts, mounting hardware & brackets.

Two blade wooden propeller. (Ground adjustable carbon fiber with 912 & 912s)

Rotax coolant radiator, oil cooler or reservoir lines & fittings as required.

Rotax header tank & pressure cap as required.

Fuel system with lines & fittings, etc.

Plus: airspeed, water temp. (as required), tachometer, oil pressure & temp. gauges (For 4 stroke engines), throttle cables, choke or oil injection cables as appropriate.

PLUS: "More than you need" aircraft-grade AN hardware, rivets, glue, fabric, etc.

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